Center Church Camp Asto Wamah, Columbia, CT

Located on the shores of Columbia Lake in Columbia Connecticut, Camp Asto Wamah is a non-sectarian camp open to all boys and girls of good character from 8 through 14 years of age. See our Parent/Camper page for age restrictions for specific sessions. Camp Asto Wamah does not discriminate for reasons of race, creed, sex, handicap, color or national origin. Nancy Tuthill Maclean will serve as director. A retired teacher, Mrs. Maclean has directed Asto Wamah for many years. Camp Asto Wamah is licensed by the state of Connecticut and accredited by The American Camp Association.

Asto Wamah was founded in 1910 by the First Church of Christ in Hartford. For nearly 100 years, the camp has provided boys and girls with an experience designed to promote independence while exposing them to a variety of challenging and adventurous activities in a supervised and structured environment.The highest ideals of cooperative living are encouraged in this community of respect. Since the establishment of Asto Wamah, its motto has been “Remember the Other Fellow”.

42W Route 87 (Johnathan Trumbull Highway) Columbia, CT 06237