Special Needs

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Every child is special and some have special needs. Whether its ADHD, asburger’s, cerebral palsy  or another form of disability, help is available through resource centers and service providers around Connecticut.


Special Needs Organizations & Resources

ScreenHunter_61 Feb. 23 11.51Ädelbrook is a multi-service agency specializing in behavioral and developmental services. We are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of families and individuals, of all ages, as they relate to intellectual/developmental disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder. We offer residential, education, in-home and community based services.  https://adelbrook.org/ 60 HICKSVILLE RD. CROMWELL, CT 06416 (860) 635-6010


Summer Camps

Boundless Playgrounds

Please visit: http://placesforkidsct.com/boundless-playgrounds/

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