Hula Hooping Fun!

February 10th, 2019

If you are looking for an exciting way to celebrate your child’s birthday party or your next school/organization event we can’t recommend “BringTheHoopla, LLC” highly enough.

Last night, had the great opportunity to partner with BringTheHoopla for a one of a kind event that brought together kids of all ages. Their program was tailored for our event, getting the kids, and some of the adults too, on their feet and ‘hooping’ to the rhythm of the music, while burning some energy in a fun way!  BringtheHoopla’s interactive programs combine fun and fitness for children and adults; for parties, after school programs, corporate events and more.

BringTheHoopla enthusiastically arrived with a multitude of hoops and their sound system, ready to go. Their program began with a short demonstration of a variety of hooping skills, from basic techniques to more advanced flourishes. Then, their talented instructors set out the many colorful hoops of a variety of sizes, for the children, inviting them to each grab a hoop and join in the fun of hooping to the music! BringTheHoopla instructors fully participate in the fun; bringing the joyful energy into the crowd and making sure even the very beginner hoopers can experience the fun! 

BringTheHoopla sure do know how to get a party going, and bring everyone together!  Here is what some of the adults said about their performance…

“This was the best party ever. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.”

It got the kids involved and it got them to exercise straight for almost an hour without one complaint…And we got to exercise too. We
loved it. Thank you so much.”

“That was the best party we’ve ever had. It was incredible.”

“We never had so much fun. It was fantastic. Please, please come again.”

BringTheHoopla provides a wonderfully engaging program,encompassing so much more than just fun. At their core is an approach that builds confidence, physical coordination, fitness, team building, and welcomes all to learn, dance, and yes.. have great fun at the same time.

For more information about BringTheHoopla and all that their team have to offer, please visit their website at or call:  203-615-1116.