Single mother or a father and Their Life

Now a day’s it’s very common to see single mother or a fathering situationseither headed by the father or headed by the mother. I have personally seen that so many divorces are taking place and it directly affects the children. Divorces could happen due to widespread reasons; however, what is sad to look at is the point that the children from the marriage are directly affected. It’s very difficult to manage kids under one parent’s sight. A child needs both a mother and a father care equally. But now a day this is very normal, though it becomes stressful and very tiring. You have to give a child complete care and attention. Not only mentally but even physically, emotionally and economically it becomes very difficult for a single mother or a father to take care of their child.

What is the responsibility of single mother or a father?

Being a single mother or father, one should take care of the smallest needs of their children. Proper attention and importance should be given. Not only financially but your child need more of love and care because he has to be with one parent either mother or father. And they expect their single mother or a father to behave both like mother and father.  You have to work hard because you need to give everything to your child. Understanding level should be more because he/she must have seen the bad fights of their parents and might still have in his/her heart. Have to keep a good communication between each other. It’s not an easy task to grow your child without your partner’s help.

Remove time for yourself too, so that you will mentally be stable and happy to support your kids and keep them happy.  Keep the habit of making daily routines and schedules so that thing will go with flow and according to your plan. This will maintain and balance your relationship with your child. Teach your kids the morals, value, discipline, punctuality.  Treating your kid like a kid only is good for you if you expect them to act like adults is not okay. Always try to stay positive. Positive vibes may fill positivity around you and you will feel good. And most important show love, faith and trust on your kids this will boost them up and keep your relation healthy with them.