Boundless Playgrounds

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All people deserve to play including those who have disabilities. They deserve beautifully designed accessible playgrounds

What is a Boundless Playground? More than six million children in the United States have some type of disability that makes it hard or impossible for them to enjoy traditional playgrounds. These children often do not get to experience what most other children take for granted. Boundless Playgrounds projects benefit children with and without disabilities by providing opportunities for all children to play together side by side.

Here is a list of 20 Boundless Playgrounds around Connecticut:

Bodie’s Place –  725 North Street, Milford, CT

Bodie’s Place is a community playground located in Milford, Connecticut, at Eisenhower Park for all people, no matter their abilities, ages or interests to enjoy each other and the world around them.

Kids in Motion – 557 South Main Street, Cheshire, CT

Kids in Motion was a Cheshire, Connecticut based non-profit organization dedicated to building a Boundless Playground. The state of the art playground is a place where individuals of all abilities and ages can play, grow and develop side by side.

Addison Park – Glastonbury – 419 Addison Rd Glastonbury, CT

A multi-purpose facility that houses softball fields, outdoor basketball courts, soccer and lacrosse fields, a boundless playground, tennis courts, picnic areas and an outdoor swimming pool. Addison Pool is an “L” shaped pool with 6 lanes and a zero depth entry in the shallow alcove and a maximum depth of 5 1/2 feet in the deep end. A separate wading pool with a spray mushroom is also located adjacent to the pool. Both have handicap ramps.

Maeve’s Dreamland in Schofield Park – 251 Bunker Hill Avenue, Waterbury, CT

bpCommunity playground, open to the public, where children of all abilities can play together. The playground is accessible to children who are fully able as well as to children who have physical, sensory and developmental disabilities. 

Twin Meadows Boundless™ Playground  – 800 Stillwater Avenue Stamford, CT

When Frank and Lori Mercede had difficulties finding a playground where their twin daughters, Nicola and Jacki, who as a result of trauma at birth suffers from quadriplegic cerebral palsy, could play together, they decided to build a boundless playground. The idea came to them after reading about another boundless playground in West Hartford. At Twin Meadows, there is something for every child. High back and seatbelt-equipped swings allow children with physical disabilities to swing next to children on typical swings. Bright colors, wheelchair accessible bridges and ramps, and tube slides make this playground a fun place for any child.

Our Children’s Place – 131 Cedar Street Newington, CT

The attraction is a universally accessible town playground to be called “Our Children’s Place Every Child’s Dream” and modeled after Jonathan’s Dream in West Hartford. These playgrounds are designed to encourage disabled and able-bodied children to play together.

Hannah’s Dream – 350 Woodward Avenue, New Haven, CT

ScreenHunter_175 Jul. 12 17.08A huge playground in the huge East Shore Park, not to be confused with East Rock Park. Both are in New Haven, but Hannahs’ Dream is in the eastern part of New Haven, across a bit of water. It feels like a different city and far away, but the access is by the highway so it takes no time to get there on I95-North to exit 50 (the second exit across the Q bridge). Turn immediately onto Woodward Avenue for 1 mile south. The entrance is at the corner of Hervey Street. The park can also be reached by the G bus line that goes down Townsend Avenue to Lighthouse Park. East Shore Park has an ice rink, tennis courts, access to the water, and several playing fields. Hannah’s Dream includes a sandbox (bring your own toys), several swing stations, and several play structures, including half a dozen slides. One section is for younger kids. There is a portable toilet in warmer months. Note that the park is not fully fenced and that Woodward Avenue is busy.

Friendship Place – 1088 Norton Road, Berlin, CT

Community playground, open to the public, where children of all abilities can play together. The playground is accessible to children who are fully able as well as to children who have physical, sensory and developmental disabilities. Playground is located at Willard Elementary School, 1088 Norton Road in Berlin

New London Rotary Centennial Playground –Toby May Field Ocean Avenue New London, CT


The entire playground facility is accessible to all children.

Didi Wein Playground & Mikey’s Playground – 1035 Newfield Avenue Stamford, CT

Didi Wein Playground & Mikey’s Playground is a kid friendly park located in Stamford CT. The playground is built on two levels:Mikey’s Playground, the early childhood area for ages two to five on the upper level, and the Didi Wein Playground, for children five and older, on the lower level.

Goodwin Park Boundless™ Playground – 1130 Maple Avenue, Hartford

This playspace is a boundless playground. It was opened in August 17, 2006.

Buckingham Park – Avon – 10 Buckingham Road, Avon CT

playgroundFully accessible children’s playground. There are two (2) all-purpose fields and one full-sized, regulation baseball field. Open 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Golf is prohibited and dogs are not allowed on the fields.

Bloomfield Boundless Playground – 390 Park Ave.  Bloomfield, CT.

Community playground, open to the public, where children of all abilities can play together. The playground is accessible to children who are fully able as well as to children who have physical, sensory and developmental disabilities. Playground is located at the Municipal Pool.

Connor’s Place Boundless Playground –  96 Field Rd Somers, CT 06071


Connor’s Place is a playground and picnic area that is open to the general public. The site includes ample seating areas, as well as a fully covered pavilion that is available for rental. A recycled rubberized surface creates a safe play environment for kids of all ages.

My Friend’s Place Boundless Playground – 150 Nevers Road South Windsor, CT

If you live in the South Windsor area, this playground is a great place for you to bring your children, and interact with them in a clean, safe family oriented environment.  Here they can learn the meaning of diversity and friendship, and you can be right by their side as they learn these important values.  Bring your children to My Friend’s Place Boundless Playground, and support diversity and tolerance.

“The Land of Ahs” playground – 572 Hartford Pike, Killingly, CT

The main goal of a Boundless Playground is to provide all children (disabled and typically abled) with the opportunity to play together. An additional goal for designing these playgrounds is to have them accessible for Grandparents of all abilities.


Devon’s Place – 325 West Avenue. Norwalk CT

Working with the City of Norwalk and Boundless Playgrounds, a site adjacent to Stepping Stones Children’s Museum was developed into a regional playground for all children. Challenges included incorporating the play elements into a sloping site while accommodating an existing bike path. Themes were developed which celebrate Norwalk’s nautical heritage and compliment other attractions, such as the Maritime Museum, Stepping Stones and Norwalk Heritage Park.

Rotary’s All Inclusive Playground – 195 Danbury Road, Ridgefield CT

Features include transfer stations, ramps, high-backed swings, lowered monkey bars and elevated sand tables, all to accommodate children who use wheel chairs, walkers or leg braces. Some equipment, such as sway rockers is designed for operation by children in wheelchairs to bring them directly into the play experience and teach teamwork.

Mikey’s Place – 330 Garden Street, Wethersfield, CT 06109

Mikey’s Place has two primary playscapes. The one for smaller children feels like it goes on forever and is in a well fenced area with other equipment and activities. The playscape for older children is quite high, and features both some unique climbing options and a more gradual ascent that even a 2 year old can manage.

Jonathan’s Dream – 335 Bloomfield Ave. West Hartford 06117 CT

The playground is designed to be universally accessible. While the needs of children with disabilities played heavily in the design considerations, Jonathan’s Dream is definitely a playground that all children will love.






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